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Incredible Expansion: Community project

Postby Masterweaver » Sat Nov 29, 2008 11:39 pm

Rules are simple:
1. Post however long you want, whatever you want.
2. PG rated, please.
3. IF YOU WANT TO COMMENT, please do so in <brackets>
4. Do not contradict previous posts.

This is a community Incredible fanfic, wherein the entirety of the community helps to expand the Incredibles universe. That means that quality isn't assured, but if nobody posts then it's a flop So post please! The story begins....
"Do you know, I considered you something of a rival?"

The rome was domed, illuminated only by the large screens that covered the walls, but still the large round table was visible. It was a novelty item; if you were rich enough, you could buy a fifty-foot replica of the world in projection and nobody would notice. Surrounding the table were at least a hundred chairs, most unoccupied and dusty.

"Our intellects would have been, I believe, evenly matched, if we ever had dared to go against each other."

Some, though, had suits draped over them. In one was a dodger-blue skintight outfit, with white highlights and a strange vizor. Another was enveloped in a bold red ensemble, an odd yellow "i" icon on the chest.

"But no. You had to obsess over minor things. You had to be a hero. You had to crush your foe."

The one addressed, a black suit with a distinctive milky S enshrouding the abdomen and chest, did not reply. White gauntlets, quietly gleaming with technology, remained motionless beside a pair of ivory jet boots.

"And now, you are dead. So much for obsession."

The speaker leaned back, satisfied in his eulogy. He flicked a finger, and a blue glow cacooned the outfit. Slowly, the masked figure floated the clothing over to a chute, one in which shadows hungrily reached out.

"I've taken your best, as you can see," he said, conversationally. "The zero-point, the jet boots... The V1."

The field of blue flicked out, and its contents fell into an inferno. The figure turned its gaze to the table, where it scanned over the apparently random scattering of figurines.

"But who will fill your niche?" His palmless glove reached out, plucking one from the mass. "You were such a large presence."

And then, an observer would realize that for every miniature, an outfit hung in one of the chairs. To the mysterious speaker, they were one and the same.

"The Underminer's appearance has demonstrated that some of the elders are still alive. And yet, I cannot help but wonder... could there be a younger generation?"

For a long time, he examined the object in his hand.

Then, he solemnly dropped it after the suit.
It was an ordinary day at Western View Junior High. The sun was shining, the fish tank was clean, and the theatre students were heatedly debating whether scorpions or jellyfish were sexier.

And Violet Parr was late. Again.

Muffled curses echoed throughout the halls as she maneuvered around the corners and doors, and the maze seemed to grow ever thicker. It was at times like these that she wished she had her brother's speed (although not his cocky, arrogant personality, that insect), but then if wishes were horses--

Bursting through the door, she managed to simultaneously gain the attention of every living thing in the room save that one kid in the corner, who was unhurriedly drawing. Once upon a time, she would have backed out immediately, or have been that kid in the corner. But now...

"I'm sorry I'm late, miss Hasegawa. I just--"

"Apology accepted, Imago." Miss Hasegawa had always referred to her students as Imagos. "Take your seat."

Violet smiled gratefully and sunk into her chair.
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Postby The Star Swordsman » Sun Nov 30, 2008 1:52 am

Oooh, this sounds like a really sweet idea. I like how everyone can be involve and partake in this story. What happens next might not be what the previous person expected, but that is the whole fun about it.

I guess I can include my part now.

Violet sat at her desk. She took out her english homework. Ms. Hasegawa started reviewing what the students should've read.

Violet read the chapter as the teacher instructed. However, because of her 9:00 to 11:00 weekly patroling with her family, she stayed up until 12:30 AM to read the entire chapter. While Hasegawa and the students discussed the chapter in greater detail, Violet started to dose off. This wasn't the first time she almost fell asleep in class, but she has done in frequently.

Hasegawa noticed Violet dosing off and walked over to her desk. Violet snpped awake as soon as the teacher arrived. Her classmates laughed.

"Violet Parr, this is the fourth time this semester I have caught you nearly sleeping in my class."

"I'm sorry. I really am." She replied. She now tried finding some acceptable excuse. "I was. . . um. . . I was. . ."

"Never mind Violet. If you are going to pass this class, you gotta put in the effort, if I catch you falling asleep in my class again young lady, I'm going to lower your grade by one letter."

Violet hang her head in humiliation. She wasn't a bad student. In fact, she has really impressive grades: 4 As, 1 B, and a C (which happens to be her english grade). He parents have strict rules about her school. If she has a D or an F, she would be grounded from hanging out with her friends. A C would limit the time she would get with her friends. Once again, she wasn't a horrible student. Her respnsibilities of being a Super hero put more stress on her than any other person at Western View Junior High.
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Postby WBoon » Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:25 am

<Hm... I guess you can't add fan-made characters into this, huh? :(>

"Hmph, guess she ain't in too good a mood this time, huh?"

The comforting voice from the side freed Violet of the agonizing chains shackled to her shoulders. The owner of it had his aqua blue pupils locked on his canvas throughout his mumble; the solar was striking against his back, clothed with a dull-grey short-sleeved turtleneck, but his charcoaled eyes shimmered all the same.

She turned around almost instantaneously upon hearing the soothing sound she had wanted to listen ever since the counteracting morning. It took a second for her to take in the joy, but that was all she need before throwing her perception onto the boy that she was infatuated with...

With all the excitement the girl had received for merely the beginning of the day, one would think that the child would had freaked out, before blurting out something embarrassing, thus triggering an awkward moment which would last on for the rest of the day. But no, she was calm as she was the week before at the track meet, when he had made verbal contact with her for the first time in both lives.

"Yeah, Tony, something must've been really aggravating to make Ms. Hasagawa snap as she did."

The whole time, the yellow-tee garmented teen had her eyes on his latest creation the whole time; his art piece. However, that was not to say that she still lack the courage to start the tanned male in the eyes, as proven otherwise by her insertion of his name.

It was the painting of a petalless lily, save one hanging lifelessly from the flower's stem. It surprised her as to his sketch of such a morbid sight, naturally, with the fact that she had known him for a while as a delightful child full of optimism.

"If you don't mind I ask..." she continued, her comment finally luring Rydinger's attention from the tip of his moisten brush.

He had turned his head around slowly - with a tender smile, that was - showing his continued deep interest in art, or at least, that particular assignment he was desperate to part with.

"...why the dead plant?"

The great artist returned the Super's query with a larger smile that crept across his smooth cheeks, almost seemingly that he was somewhat amused by the question.

"Well, with every death comes new life, isn't it?"

Violet was puzzled, not by the deepness of his words, but how shallow they were. She expressed some disappointment, but, after acknowledging that her visage had been morphed, she quickly attempted to hide it away beneath an understanding grin.

He saw it; her discontent. But with that, he chuckled - at his own mistake of assuming her as a mind-reader, not at her misunderstanding of his intention.

She, though a little confused at the situation, smiled along awkwardly.

At least she did not have to be the one to feel embarrassed about.

"What I meant to say is, I hate to see people moaning over the deaths of others."

That portion of his speech obviously triggered an intense wave of rage into Parr. She threw him a cold look as if to judge his interpretation of deaths and the taking of life, but Tony stood his ground, staring back with equal intensity as if to prove himself correct.

"I hate to see sadness spreading across the world... Violet."

She cooled down. She was not sure whether if it was the realization of her accusation or the calling of her name that had brought down her heat, but nonetheless, she lowered her head in shame, something the opposite member of the conversation gained a sense of guilt from.

Gently, he lifted her head till her blue eyes matched his dark pupils and then he loosed his fingers from her creamy chin, as he finished his sentence.

"Hey, I'm sure they are every bit as happy as they want us to be."

Violet gave a snuff of breath, causing her head to pivot inches away at one point when she was somewhat amused by her crush's cute ideas about life, but yet also touched by his tranquility.
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Postby Masterweaver » Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:43 am


Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated incident about two hundred and twenty miles away, a familial dispute was taking place.

"I'm going to become a super-villain, ma, and you can't stop me!" The grungey-haired lad snatched his suitcase and stormed through the trailer home.

An elderly woman, the smell of nicotine still surrounding her, grabbed his arm and whirled him around. "No you will not! You will stay right here and take schooling like you need to!"

"I've killed entire societies--"

"You've drowned anthills! It's not the same thing!"

"Ants aren't people, is that what you mean?"

"They are bugs! You're staying right here until your pa comes home!"

"Don't you mention that son of a--"

Lightning fast, the elderly woman's hand rebounded off his cheek. "There will be no swearing in this house!"

"Well it's a good thing I'm leaving then!"

"You're dad's a good man and he loves you--"

"No, I'm not living in this home of lies anymore. I'm going off to be a super-villain."

"Why in the Lord's name a super-villain?!"

"It's an easy job! You beat down the Increds and friends, they throw you in jail, boom! Free meals for twenty years!"

"Then rob a bank!" shouted his exasperated mother.

"That wouldn't make me memorable! I'm going to make an impression so people will hire me once I'm out of prison!" He opened the door and slammed it behind him.

A moment later he returned, plucked a Pizza Planet hat from the side table, shunted it over his grungey hair, and retreated out again.

"Oh, he'll be back," the woman growled to nobody in particular. "Just wait."

The sound of a car revving and driving out to the road was all that could be heard.
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Postby The Star Swordsman » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:34 am

Back a Violet's school

The bell rang. Violet waited outside her school to wait for her mom. She was glad that she didn't have a lot of homework from her other classes. Ms. Hasegawa assigned Violet and the entire english class to more reading. This time, a quiz was supposed to be expected the next day. Violet was relieved that all she had to do for homework tonight was her english reading. At least she could bring her C grade to a B if she did well on the quiz.

She stood outside, waiting when two hands covered her eyes. Violet smiled, having an idea of who it was.

"You got three guesses, and the first two don't count." joked the person covering her face.

Violet giggled, "Tony, Tony, and Tony?"

The hands were lifted from her eyes. The young girl turned around and gave Tony a gigantic hug.

After about a two second embrace, Violet said, "That was one of the most unpleasant experiences I have ever been through in Ms. hasegawa's english class. I think she hates me."

"It's not your fault Vi. I'm sure you're pretty busy with stuff. She just doesn't understand."

Violet gave Tony a warm smile. They have been dating ever since Violet asked Tony if he would like to go to the movies with him. This might've been Violet's first boyfriend, but in her opinion, Tony was one-of-a-kind. He was charming, kind, thoughtful, and very understanding. Violet loved the way how he can brighten her day just by talking to her. She loved how he would still be faithful to her even though she couldn't make a few dates due to her Super Hero duties.

"Hey Vi? I was wondering. If you aren't busy over the weekend, would you like to hang out with me? We can go swimming. I heard the weatherman said that this saturday is going to be scorching hot."

Violet's eyes widened as if she recieved a thousand dollar gift for Christmas.

"Sure Tony, I would love to!"

Right after that, Helen honked her horn. Violet saw her brother Dash waving at her.

"I gotta go Tony. See you later."

She was about to wal to her mom's car when Tony said, "Are you fogeting something?"

Violet turned around. "What?"

Tony started to approach her. He gazed into Violet's shining blue eyes. He learned in and kissed Violet on the cheek. Violet's entire body froze with excitement and joy.

"I'll see you tommorow." he said, winking at her.

Violet felt part of her curtain hair fall in front of her face. Violet brushed it behind her ear as she sighed romanticly. Even though her day at school started out miserably, she was glad that it ended the way it did.

"VIOLET! HURRY UP!!!" called Dash.

Volet's romantic gaze turned into a glare or irritation. She made her way to Helen's car. Once she got in, she heard Dash tease her.

"So Vi, when's the wedding date?"

"Dash, would you cut it out please?"

Helen looked back at the Parr children. "Enough you two. Listen up. Your father called and said he needs help in Downtown Metroville. Apperently, some wannabe Super Villain is making a fool of himself. he hasn't killed anyone yet, but police say that he is dangerous.
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Postby WBoon » Sun Nov 30, 2008 6:21 am

(Man, a lot of Viony there. :P Gotta put a stop to that with my fan made character! :twisted:)

Several miles away...

"Taku, do you always have to tuck your arms behind your head..." complained a delicate voice obviously belonging to a female, "...Akai?"

The high-pitched sound was coming from a petite adolescent in a flowery dress that stretched across her slim body to her lower thighs, where a pair of black strap-shoes beneath it was fitted into her miniature feet. She was of barely three feet tall, compared to the bulkier boy walking beside her whose body was at most an inch taller.

He is Akai Tanner, with a slender physique at about 5'1" tall, a head full of uncombed dark hair - unlike his company's long, dark, silky hair - and dull azure eyes that stayed annoyed and frustrated at most times, especially then. The dodger blue shirt - with short sleeves rather than none of them, thankfully - he had put on was darkened with shades of sweat flooding the upper section of his chest. Nevertheless, the cerulean jeans and white, striking sport shoes - branded with 'Adidas' by the side - across his wide feet still matched pretty well with his top, despite the perspiration generated.

It was not his intention for them to go out with Kazuha Mōri, at first, due to her overwhelming tempered attitude that which he possessed merely one tenth of it. He was fortunate that he had managed to deliver her birthday present yesterday, or his walk with her that afternoon would had been a more fiery one.

However, because he did so, his mother felt compelled to drive Akai quickly into that relationship, one which he was, despite their 'toddlerhood' history together, somewhat uninterested in.

"I can't help it, I feel more relaxed this way."

It was indeed that his raised elbows posture became an addictive habit of his since he first picked it up from a Japanese anime series on television just two years ago. Many found the position to be amusing, if not a little rude with his armpits, though hidden beneath his garment, fully exposed to the world.

They were unsure of where their trip would lead them. All they knew was that the affectionate Mrs. Tanner had shoved them out of the four-storied condo wearing a cheeky smile and a cyanic tank top that's a bit unsuitable for mothers, despite her young age.

Akai was not a rich boy - his parents were. His allowance was... somewhat lesser than most children with a wealthy background, having only three hundred and ten bucks per month to spend. It helped to suppress his arrogance and prevent him from becoming a wastrel, a stereotype most boys of fortune often took up upon.

It was not long, down the two rows of imperial households that stacked the asphalted road in between, when the callow wanderers found themselves swiveling their heads behind towards a trembling noise of an explosion from behind the adjoining houses to their right.

Fear should had struck both of such innocent children, but one of the innocent ones was not defenseless.

"You go on ahead!" exclaimed Akai loudly amidst the screams filling the streets as he turned towards the pale-complexioned brunette staring in fear, till the greasy-haired boy's words gripped her tightened heart even more.

"What?!" she retorted, her eyes torn away from the point of discharge and threw onto his.

"I'll catch up with you later!" the energetic child continued, his head turned around to face her for one last time before he hurridly stepped away from her and headed into one of the dark alleys in between the buildings.

Kazuha had no time to catch up at all, seeing as how all the distracting commotion was engulfing the area. People were darting across pavements in attempts of discovering the origin of the shocking sound, elegantly suited businessmen were making calls with their extravagant cellphones to their workmates hoping to find some answers.

"Akai, wait...!" she uttered, her feet scrambled to life as she rushed towards the departing Tanner.

However, upon misstepping on the loosened shoe strap from her left shoe, thus leading her pull the piece of leather apart from her footwear, she halted to comprehend the damage, before, a second later, she remember the distancing young boy.

But when she looked up once again, he had disappeared from her sight.

'Why do I get this feeling... this cold, merciless feeling that I'll never get to see Akai again...?'
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Postby Masterweaver » Sun Nov 30, 2008 2:34 pm

In the domed room, he observed the newscast.

Channel eight had always been explicitly for Super info. They'd fallen into hard times, during the quiet era, but he's made donations to keep them alive. And now, his investment was paying off.

"Mr. Incredible is in a desperate hand-to-hand duel with Terrodactyl!" the reporter excitedly stated. "This strange monster was busy threatening innocent lives when who should show up but the world's greatest Super!"

"Who indeed." He crossed his arms. "And what is this Terrodactyl's motivation? Why and how was he threatening these people?"

He watched the screen as a green-scaled winged form was flung against the wall, and pondered as the crimson-suited super hero suddenly curled up and covered his ears. So... flight and sonics. A natural ability for that race...

And then Terrodactyl ripped a fire escape from the wall and flung it at Mr. Incredible. Strength was unusual... one had to work at it.

The figure in the domed room rippled his fingers over the table. This wasn't a large super-villain, but it was impressive. No funding, but plenty of heart. And, he added to himself, intelligence, as the creature took to the sky and retreated.

Lesser villains made for easier control, but progression would be slower. Still, perhaps it was time for a change....
The grungey-haired boy had stopped about a hundred miles away from the fight because his car had simply run out of gas.

So now he glowered at the highway, thumb extended, although since this wasn't christmas only one or two cars came by in ten minutes. The general mass of humanity ignored him.

"How in the name of all things evil am I going to be a super-villain," he growled, "if I can't even get to my destination?"

He stared ad the road for a few minutes, then finally gave a loud curse and began walking towards his destination. Maybe he could start off as a lackey...
The Chimera Kid burst into the flaming inferno and nobly cried, "Show yourself!"

A deep, echoing laughter reverberated around the room. "But of course, my young Super friend."

Against all odds, one of the hot orange streams detached itself from the mass, and bowed. It was clearly female.

"I do apologize," she began, "I was... experimenting with my abilities. I'll help repair the damage, but nobody was in here, I checked."

The Chimera Kid backed up slightly. "Who are you?" he queried suspiciously.

"I? I am...."
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Postby WBoon » Sun Nov 30, 2008 3:54 pm

(Whoa, Masterweaver, using my character there, are you? :P Well, looks really good when you throw out his personality like that! I like it! In case you don't know, I was trying to get him to meet up with that 'amateur villain' of yours originally, then Violet, but now I think I'll get him to Mr. Incredible instead.)

"I am known by some names, but they called me..."

Another quake, this time more diminished. It caught the attention of both incognitos, naturally, but the mysterious figure merely gave a calm stare in the direction of the ruckus.

"Well, that's my cue. People will be welcoming me back to this world again, I hope."

The remark puzzled the young Super in the navy blues; stunning him, too, causing the only act he was able to perform was staring on as the blondie in the crimson threads and a somewhat transparent yellow visor floated away in between narrow space, before zooming into the sky with the flash of an eye, literally.

With her departure, Chimera Boy quickly snapped himself back into the new threat; the tremor in the heart of the city and away from the exquisite manors.

Little did the young Super knew that his life as a fellow Super in the city of Metroville was about to be... cut short.
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Postby The Star Swordsman » Sun Nov 30, 2008 5:15 pm

Mrs. Incredible was driving the Incredibile towards downtown Metroville. Incredigirl and Incrediguy looked out the windows. Both were excited and anxious to see what was going on. Suddenly, Mr. incredible was heard on the radio.

"Hey honey, kids. Sorry for the late call, but I've got every thing under control. Repeat, everything under control."

Mrs. Incredible was about to turn the car around back home. She just stopped at a stop light when she saw people robbing a jewerly store nearby.

"Okay kids. You all ready?"

"Yeah!" proclaimed Dash. Violet nodded ecstaticly next to him.
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Postby Masterweaver » Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:23 pm

Chimera Kid ran toward the devastating quake, mentally searching for where he had seen that other Super before. She was familiar...

"Hello, fleshmeat. How are you?"

He whirled, coming face to face with a strange, lizard-like robot. "What the--?!"

"Oh, don't worry. The earthquake is harmless." The robot examined its talons. "A mere distraction. Me, on the other hand..."

Chimera Kid barely managed to dodge a lethal slash of silver. He extended his own finger bones into veritable swords and struck back.

"So, I hear that she's back." The robot parried his attack and sent him whirling into a nearby dumpster. "Is it true, that she caused the explosion?"

"Who?" Chimera staggered to his feet, panting. "Who are you after?"

"No, I merely seek a sign. Is she back?"


The lizard smiled, his fangs the death of worlds. "You are lying, fleshmeat. I saw her fly towards our little disturbance."

Lightning fast, it embedded its talons into his chest. He gasped, pain flowing through him.

"The venom is fast," said the robot comfortingly. "You'll be dead soon... in fact, I do believe you are." It sighed, dislodging the corpse from its lethal silver. "A pity, I did enjoy the banter we had with Supers, once upon a time."

It shrugged. "Ah, well, the barrier is broken again. You will be repaired soon enough."

The robot proceeded to drag the cadaver behind him...
Blazestone was enjoying her flight through Metroville, although she felt something was wrong. She'd been away for a whole two days, and she couldn't wait to get back to Frozone, Downburst, and the whole of Super society. Still, those days in the Libozard dimension had left the control of her power slightly erratic...

"Hey! You!"

Blazestone sighed, turning down her flames and descending to the street. "Yes, citizen?"

The man who had addressed her peered carefully over his glasses. "You seem familiar... have I seen you somewhere?"

She smiled uncomfortably. "Probably, sir, I'm a common sight in this town--"

"No... twenty-three years ago, that was it! When Bomb Voyage and Lord Chitin attacked the Norman Motel. I was there." He smiled and punched hr shoulder in a friendly manner. "Good on yah, girl."

"Twenty-three years...?" But that had only happened... three years ago?

"You look as young as ever," the elderly gentleman chuckled, as he began his leisurely walk. "Just another benefit of being a super, I guess..."


Blazestone shook her head. Twenty-three years... that meant twenty years... Although she was a veteran dimensional voyager, she'd never heard of such a large gap before.

Right, she had to decide on a course of action. First off, she would contact Downburst (if he was still alive) and check up on recent happenings. Then she'd apply to the NSA for a new secret ID...

But right now, she would continue towards that mysterious quake.
"Alright we give!"

Mrs. Incredible stopped and stared. "Wait, what?"

"You're Supers. We don't stand a chance." The leader of the robbers put his hand behind his head. "Actually, all we wanted was the money for was Jack's kid. She needs surgery."

"Um..." In the old days, it hadn't been like this. Now, though, she needed to set an example. "You do realize you all will be arrested?"

"Hey, I don't mind," piped up one of the other robbers. "First-time crime, just cause... We'll probably all get community service."

"My kid needs this money!" screamed a third robber. "She'll die without that surgery!"

Invisagirl and Invisaguy stared at their mother. She was standing stock-still, her heroic instincts at conflict. This was extremely creepy...
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Postby WBoon » Sun Nov 30, 2008 10:57 pm

'With death... comes life...'
Somehow, those words seemed very familiar to the unconscious Chimera Kid; still alive, but also very much dead. His regenerative cells were healed at a slower rate this time, strangely. Normally, it would had only taken about a minute or two, but a good five had passed.

The poison must had been more potent than he had anticipated the split second before he perceived the white blinding light.

'Akai...! Akai!'

The voice grew less diminished, gradually materializing into actual speech rather than staying as the echoing voice booming through his mind.


The white light had returned to his eyes. It was the only thing he was able to absorb from the surrounding when he parted his eyelids, before the outline of a figure slowly sunk into view.

A figure with a dark, long ponytail, apparently.

"Akai, you're alright!" cried Kazuha Mori, now by his side, staring from above him with a traumatized look, as if she had taken in a great shock.

"Ugh," he groaned, still somewhat dizzy from the ordeal he received, unaware of the alteration dealt to him. "Wh... Where am I?"

"Well, you are safe now, most importantly," replied the brunette still in her vibrant garment.

Her once teary expression had slimmed down to a satisfied and relieved one, as any novel readers would had expected from the typical story line.

However, her comfort lasted only so long when the memory lane was ran through the boy's mind, causing him to jerk forward in order to get up on his feet.

"I gotta go!" he remarked, his voice stressed on the last word of the sentence due to it being uttered upon his struggle to stand up.

"You can't."

"I got to."

"You are not a Super anymore!"

He halted. He had stepped at least a good two feet away from her, but that made him stopped.

It just seemed like another attempt to keep him accompanying her, so, naturally, he pivoted his face towards hers and simply expressed annoyance across it.

"What are you talking about?" he inserted with a short pause added between each word.

She lowered her head in despair. Something was wrong. If all she wanted to do was keep him by her side, she would had just added more excuses in the conversation, but instead, Akai received a pouting face from the girl he had known for the eight years of his life since they were only beginning to take their first step as bipedal creatures.

He remained ignorant of her knowledge regarding his alter ego for a few more seconds, before he started to notice the minor details throughout his body; the warmth felt on his threaded hands, the black streak of evenweave crawling across his from his digits to his arm.

He was still in costume.

"That bird... or... flying, dinosaur... thingy, dropped you off and said to tell you that the last few minutes were the last moments of your superhero life..."

It seemed like a joke. A really... unfunny joke, at first, so much that a slight cackle almost slipped off from the corner of his lips.

"Hah... What?"

"I'm sorry, Akai... I wouldn't want this to happen to you as much as I had hoped for it to..."

As if he had witnessed a genocide, the ex-Super wandered wobbly along the road onto the tiled pavement, and then towards the crimson brick wall behind the whimpering girl. His aqua pupils had went blank. His Super life had flashed before him when her words struck his petite ears.

When he had finally reached the solid chunk of blockade, he set his lowered head against the rough surface. Broken he was, as if he had lost a part of him, but yet, a slight grin rose from the frame of his mouth. With his powers now gone, he was freed from all responsibilities a Super have; the thought rushed through his recovering mind.
The Elastigirl stared coldly at the one who had ended their line of speech. 'Jack,' as the leader had referred him to as.

Though she sympathized, resulting to crime, even if to save one's life was unforgivable to her, especially while under that suit of justice.

"I'm sorry," she responded, quickly so that she would not be left with guilt.

Mercilessly, she cuffed the three criminals one by one, starting with the leader. She carried about twenty of them in the Incredibile. Bob carried thirty when he was using the vehicle as storage.

The three, though disheartened from the Super's decision, knelt obediently as they waited for her to grab the tools from the car, which was just behind them where the road also laid.

This, of course, caught a remorseful girl's attention.

Incredigirl glared on for a while, wondering about the decision to improve life by making the right choice or worsen it by choosing the lawful option.

Tony's words and optimism helped.


It took a while for her to pipe out. Her mum had already brought out the cuffs and was preparing to lock one set of it around the leader's wrist, before her attention was diverted to her daughter's shocking words.

"Go, now, save your daughter."

And she stopped. She would had also added a warning to it, but her parent's furious eyes burned into her head while she spoke, putting her under the grip of fear. She did not look at her while she was speaking with the criminals, but her stare was so ferocious she did not have to.

"Young lady!" exclaimed her mother whose russet eyes enlarged as her sentence flowed on.

"Mum," she immediately replied with a firm but still respectful look.

Short and simple, just like that, but yet, it possessed at least ten words. They went on with a staring contest for a moment, till the mother gave in and sighed in understanding.


"Thank you, thank you so much!" the trio cheered with praise and, most of all, appreciation, but she sneaked the corner of her left eye onto them when she found them to still remained on their spots.

"Before I change my mind."


With the final remark by the leader ended, the gracious three jetted from the cold flooring and scrambled away from their view, with the eyes of Elastigirl locked onto them the whole while.

When they had diminished to merely a speck of shadows, she shifted towards her daughter with a grim look, which, after just a second, faded into a proud smile.

"Good work, Incredigirl, good work."

She smiled along with the same glee felt between the two. Even her usually frustrating brother was proud of his sister's grand act.
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Postby Masterweaver » Tue Dec 02, 2008 12:49 am

"No no no! That's an antique amphora, darling!"

The child merely giggled, knocking over the priceless object without a second thought. Edna barely managed to catch it and was knocked over by the weight.

This ordeal, she pondered, was the primary reason she'd avoided babies. The theory was simple; you put food in one end and kept the other clean. In practice, though, it was a world harder to make sure they lived to see their first birthday, let alone a second. Edna Mode would never have children anyways, due to her condition, but if she could have, she'd have utterly sworn to avoid the possibility.

"Alright, then," she said, scooping the boy up, "Distraction. I'm sure there's a children's show on right now--"

Giggling, the little bundle of terror plucked her broad-rimmed glasses from her face and irreverently banged them against her forehead.

"Ow!" Instinctually bring her hands up, Edna dropped the baby on the floor, where he immediately began gnawing on his latest acquisition. She stared a full ten seconds, in utter disbelief (and more then a little blurry vision).

"Right," she declared to the world. "Time for extreme measures." Heading for an ominous but short dresser, she opened on of the drawers and slowly reached in...


Quickly snapping out her hand and whirling around, the diminutive designer placed her most relaxing smile on. "Daaaaahling! I was beginning to think you'd never get back!"

Helen parr, unmasked but still dressed as Mrs. Incredible, rose an eyebrow as the drawer was hurriedly shut. "What were you about to do to my son?"

"Nothing, my god, I was just getting a special toy for him, heh heh." Edna rapidly changed the subject. "What took you so long? Your daughter's fans swarm again? Don't worry, dearie," she added to the openly gaping Incredigirl, "A few bops with a rolled up newspaper will deter the most determined of suitors."

Dash sniggered. "Maybe you should consider that with Tony."

"Shut up!"

"You have a de la'mour already? My god, come come!" Edna grabbed Violet's hand and dragged her to the couch. "Tell me all about it!"

Helen rolled her eyes. "If you don't mind, I'm going to change Jack-Jack's diaper now."

Edna distractedly waved her away. "Yes yes yes, go right ahead." She turned and locked her penetrating stare onto the only other black-haired person in the room. "What is this I hear of you being involved?"

"Well," Violet began uncomfortably, "It began around the time the Underminer returned, and we've been dating steady ever after--"

"Details, dearie! Don't make me beg, I won't do it you know!"

"Well, he's kind and witty and--" Violet shook her head. "Why are you asking me? I'm only fourteen!"

"So? It starts young, dear, trust me."

"Oh dear god..." Violet sagged. "Can we please change the subject? This is just too creepy."

"Ditto!" cried Dash.

"Well, if you insist. Incredigirl, then. Why Incredigirl?"

"Well, Mr. Incredible's my dad--"

"So it's familial? That makes you sound like an accessory, and if there's one thing I've learned in all my years as a designer it's that Supers and accessories don't mix. Unless you're the Crimson Lamp, but he was unique."

"Right, right. But... I'm kind of leaning between Haunt and Invisigirl. I like Haunt, but it sounds like a villain name--"

"No no no, it's fine, my god, I've heard worse hero names over the years." Edna tapped her fingers. "Although it does bring up a little problem with the costume design... I'd prefer not to expose any skin."


"It's just that the name conjures up images, darling! People will expect something and--"


"Yes mom?" Violet replied gratefully, distancing herself rapidly from the mad designer.

"Your english teacher called, she wants us to go and meet her in a few minutes."

The teen's expression shifted into utter horror.

"So get changed out," continued Helen, emerging dressed in civilian clothing, "i'll be waiting in the car. I'm sorry, Edna, I'll have to leave Jack-Jack and Dash with you for a bit. Don't worry, Bob's coming!"

The designer looked at Dash, who was taller then she was. He gave her a wide grin.

"Let me lock up the sugar first," Edna said wryly.
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Postby The Star Swordsman » Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:22 am

On her way to Violet's school:

"Violet, is there something you want to tell me?" asked Helen.

Violet sighed. "Well, I am not doing so well in my english class. I have a C. But I think my teacher, Ms. Hasegawa really hates me. She always gets on my case when ever I sleep in class."

"Violet, I don't think she is just concerned. I don't think she would want to fail you."

"Well, i think part of it is kinda my fault. Patroling kinda puts a little stress on me. I mean, when i get home from patroling, I stay up late just to finish my english homework." she paused. "Don't get me wrong. I can handle it. Its just that maybe she expects too much from me."

"Well, I'll talk with her. I know you are a good student Vi. I don't know what the problem is. maybe it is you, maybe it is the teacher, maybe we can cut back on your Super Hero duty. But our prime concern is to raise your english grade."

helen parked her car in front of Western View Junior High. both got out of the car and made their way into the class. Finally, they arrived at Violet's english class. Violet nervously turned the knob and opened the door inside.

"Come in" said a voice from inside the room.
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Postby Al-Bob » Tue Dec 02, 2008 1:39 am

As Violet entered the room Mrs. Hasegawa rose from her chair to greet them. She leaned over to Mrs. Parr.

"Could you leave us alone for two minutes please?"

Mrs. Parr agreed and left the room. As soon as she had left Mrs. Hasegawa turned to Violet.

"I see you are on time for once. I hope you can always blame the traffic whenever you are not...but that is not the reason you are here."

She paused slightly and began to look at Violet intently.

"I know your secret. You think you can skip on my class just becuase you have better things to do don't do?"

Violet was speechless.

Mrs. Hasegawa was just about to continue when Mrs. Parr came in from hearing the uprising noise.

"Greetings Mrs. Parr."

"Good afternoon Mrs. Hasegawa. So what is the problem...other then the C."

"Mrs. Parr your daughter just doesn't seem to enjoy my class. She sometimes comes in late and whenever that happens she always falls asleep shortly after i begin. Do you know what she does in between school hours. It seems to me that she doesn't have enough sleep at night. What does she do that keeps her awake at night. She has very little to no outdoor activities or classes."

Mrs. Parr ran through her mind the last week and the events that had taken place. First her family had defeated a burglar at the bank around noon. They had been forced to get Violet from school unaware to the principle. The nights had been even more crowded when a series of kidnappings occured and Violet was forced to go undercover and find the gang. They had battled criminals...

"Uh...we have had some extra activities enter our schedual."

"Oh...what types?"

"Oh...fishing trips...uhhh..."

Mrs Hasegawa cut in. "Superhero work?"

Mrs Parr was astonished.

Mrs. Hasegawa kept going. "Don't worry dear how i know but i can tell superhero fatigue when i see it. My son is also a superhero and he regularly gets fatigued. Your daughter has the same symptoms. Don't worry Mrs. Parr your secret is safe with me...but if we could somehow arrange for your daughter to be less sleepy when she comes to my classes that would be all I ask. Now run along you two. I'm a spry old lady and have other things to do."

Mrs. Parr and Violet walked out to the car. They drove home in a state of shock and suprise.

"What do you make of that?" Asked Mrs. Parr to Violet.
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Postby The Star Swordsman » Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:02 am

In the car, Violet sat stunned. helen was dumbfounded as well.

"How could she know mom?" the young girl asked.

Helen replied. "There are two possibilities Violet. Either she is a NSA agent undercover, or a spy from someone else."

"We can trust her right?"

"I don't know Violet."


The next day in english class:


"Okay class, remember to have your papers ready to turn in to me next week." said ms. Hasegawa.

The students all got up and made their way out of the room. Violet just got out of her seat. Tony made his way to the doorway.

"Violet honey, I would like to speak with you for a moment please." said the teacher.

Tony said at the doorway, "I'll meet you in the cafeteria."

Tony left the room and was on his way to lunch. Violet made her way to Ms. Hasegawa's desk. She sat down in a chair next to her.

"Violet, I am sorry if I startled you and your mom yesterday. It probably wasn't the best time to say it."

"How did you know? Are you working for anyone?" asked Violet inquisitvely.

"I'm an undercover agent for the government. I am not from the National Supers Association section of the government, but in dealing with national and possible global crisises, we work hand in hand. That is why I know about you. I need you to help me with my mission."

"Can I see some identification plase?" She wanted to know that she could be trusted.

Hasegawa laughed. "So the NSA and your parents have taught you well. Here you go."

ms. Hasegawa opened up her droor and revealed a special badge. Violet was now convinced. Questions still buzzed in her head, but she at least knew that Hasegawa could be trusted.

"What is this mission that you speak of? Does it include me or my whole family?"

"For now,' Hasegawa answered, "it only includes you. This special misssion is for you only, but if the danger escalates too high or becomes impossible for you to do alone, we'll send in your family to help you."

Hasegawa reached into her bag and pulled out an evelope with something inside. She handed it to Violet.

"Inside this contains details of your mission. it is higly classificed and cannot leave this room You must not tell anyone about this. Not your parents, your siblings, friends, or anyone but me. This mission is also dangerous. There is a small chance that you might get killed, and a big chance that you will get hurt. I will understand if you refuse this mission, but thousands of lives will be at steak if this mission isn't accomplished sooner."

Violet looked at Hasegawa, then at the envelope. She looked at Hasegawa and boldly said, "I accept."
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