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Postby WBoon » Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:19 am

'Ugh, can't get through the morning without seeing some pest scurrying past my sight.'

The thought ran through Violet Parr briefly as she placed almost the entire weight of her head on her left palm, her eyes gazing at the cold-blooded creature with disinterest. The day couldn't had been any boring, especially with the extra-credit Mrs. Hasegawa had assigned to her and only her some moments ago.

While daydreaming away with her focus continued to be seeped away from the lesson of Medieval history, the young student could not help wonder as many had probably wondered before as well; what was a teacher, seemingly of the Japanese race from her last name, teaching English in America?

She could not bother to ponder on the matter any longer after few seconds, due to its increased dryness, and due to the sudden interruption from the far corners of the classroom.

"Sorry, Mrs. Hasegawa, I'm late."

'That boy...'

"Akai Tanner, reporting."

Violet's jaws were left unhinged. She froze when the mixture of fear, awkwardness and contempt surged through her mind. She could not be seen interacting with him, especially with the episode they had last evening containing... somewhat romantic element, even if it was not conspicuous.

"It's quite alright, young lad. Why don't you have a seat behind that long-haired girl in the dark blue blouse over there, near the back of the room?"

The last few words in Mrs. Hasegawa's sentence appeared to boom through the cubicle, echoing pass the chalk-shaded desks in the front.

Akai merely gave a short look at the only available seat in the room, then another brief look at the female he had encountered the day before, who was slouching down her grey-white chair upon perceiving his attention over her.

Tony Rydinger, sitting beside her just few inches away, naturally noticed her strange movements, though his amusement overwhelmed his curiosity in her actions.

"Sure," replied Akai calmly with a grin.

He leisurely made his way pass the two rows of tables at the front while glaring eyes followed in his path, some returned to the shying brunette he reached his seat at the third row.

Tanner had to squeeze slightly in between a table at the fourth row and the chair beside his in order to make it to his seat.

"Excuse me," he politely smiled at the pony-tailed redhead, whose glistening bracers did not appear to bother him a bit.

"It's alright," she giggled awkwardly; awkward that a boy of such attractiveness had actually been courteous to her, Kari McKeen, since, ever.

He sat down right afterwards, not giving another look at the squirming teenager to his right.

Seeing his alteration in nature, from tender, sweet and kind to arrogant, manipulative and ultimately, pompous, Violet shook off all the guilt from her chest and exchanged them with furies of anger as she reascended in her sitting. She threw the new student in her class a quick glare of frustration before finally shrugging it all of with a violent pivot of her head, along with a very audible snuff shot across the class...


"Is there a problem, Ms Parr?!"

"Er... no, miss, I mean, mam, I..."

Just as a close boyfriend of the stuttering teen was about to rise up in her defense, however, another shining white knight took the position beforehand...

"Er, heh, gomei, Mrs. Hasegawa, I seemed to have left out 'packing my bag' from my to-do-list last night and I had to borrow an eraser from... erm..."

Akai paused for a moment, swiveling his eyes to the girl as he recollected her name.

"...Ms... Parr. My bad!"

"Taku... You have best carry all your stationary in the future, Akai-kun. We don't want to miss any seconds of enriching English literature, now do we?"

"Nope! Arigato gozaimasu, Mrs. Hasegawa!"

It was as if he had a change of personality. A day before, he was the one squirming away, needing her rescue from the emotional avoidance from society she had once went through, but today, he managed to put off her English teacher - though not a very difficult task - with his all-well, smooth flowing charisma.

"What was that all about?!" grunted Parr angrily through a hard whisper.

She was still very fumed indeed by his ignorant towards her presence in moments passed, despite his heroic rescue from an afternoon detention.

"Tch," he murmured back with annoyance, his arms folded behind his head in his traditional manner, "is that how you thank people for helping you?"

"Hmph, who asked for your help?"

"...Heh, you wouldn't happen to be mad about me ignoring you just now, are ya?"

"... ...No!"

"Tch, I don't know why you girls are always so petty. It's not like I meant to disregard you..."


"Eek!" both cried out in surprise.

By the side, two more sets of jaws were unhinged as Kari and Tony stared in confusion at the bickering pair, with the latter, needless to say, more bewildered by the matter than the former.

"Great! See what you did?!" they exclaimed in synchrony once more, till they were piped down again by the bellowing teacher.

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