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Howdy y'all!

I'm Mell, and this is everything you never wanted to know about me and didn't ask.

I'm a 22 year old web developer hailing from bonnie old Scotland, although I'm currently living in Jersey in the Channel Islands with my boyfriend and my ridiculously large Disney and Pixar collection. I was born with an animation obsession (the only possible explanation medical science can find), especially Disney films, although I'm also a massive Pixar fan. The Incredibles is my favourite film, full-stop. <-- There it is.

Well, you may ask, what else is there to the enigma wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in packing paper and bubble wrap and neatly tied up with a rather long length of string, wrapped in some nice woolly scarves, wrapped in rapt contemplation -- and finally wrapped in a straitjacket after being so rapt with wrapping that I turned a little mad and tried a career as a rapper, and got sued by Eninem for stealing his image and also his car and had to plead insanity, which may technically have been true anyway -- that is the strange and delicate and slightly itchy being known as Mell?

Well, I'm glad you asked. Because there's no way I could have gotten through that sentence.

And when I say 'big'...

But to answer your very long and babbling and, if I may so so, somewhat invasive question (I mean, really who do you think you are, The Inquisition? What's that about, with the weird questions. Honestly.) I'm big on dental hygiene -- and I mean big.

But other hobbies include creating web sites (well... that being my job), writing, eating yoghurt and Johnny Depp.

...Mmmm... Johnny Depp...

Sorry... I was somewhere else just then.

It was a happy place.

...If I wrap (wrap? Wrap?!) this up quickly, I can go back there...

I was more than happy to help out when Brandon asked me to create the website and the six different themes for the Pixar Planet Forums; the whole Pixar Planet team are an utter joy to work with, and working -- and posting! -- on the forums is great fun.

I look forward to meeting y'all on the boards!

Love and Kisses,
Mell (Mell_O_Drama) XoX