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Occupation: Princess, Pixar Planet Ambassador/Secretary... is there anything she can't do???

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Interests: Pixar... duh! I'm also obsessed with Carmen Sandiego, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Tudor history and Narnia, but other than that, too many to list...


Let's get this out of the way: you don't have to bother calling me KyrieEleison. It's way too long. Everybody just calls me KE. Capisce? (At this point I would like to say how proud of myself I am that I managed to spell "capisce" correctly on only the second try.) Okay, that's taken care of. My name is Robyn, but like I said, around here I just go by KE. In addition to being a Pixar Planet Ambassador, I'm the Site Secretary, which basically means I've written and/or proofread a lot of the things that you read around here. (However, the only grammar I take responsibility for around here is my own.) I'd like to tell you more about myself, but I'm going to do it kind of like a fairy tale, since it'll make my life sound more interesting.

Once upon a time there was a princess. The kingdom she grew up in was beautiful and sunny (except, of course, for when it wasn't), and it was called Modesto, California. She was different from other princesses, in that while they were all attending parties and balls and getting rescued from fire-breathing dragons by knights in shining armor, our princess was surfing the internet, watching movies, and being a devoted San Francisco Giants fan. These little quirks of hers kind of made princess conventions awkward, but she didn't care. The princess especially fell in love with Pixar animation, and considered The Incredibles her favorite Pixar movie. In addition, she became an English major at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, and loved writing, reading, music, and learning new languages. Yes, our princess was a bit of a nerd.

The princess loved hanging out at Pixar Planet with some of her best friends, on whom she bestowed titles just for the fun of it: Lady Tonyloaf, Duchess of Metroville; Lady Mell-O-Drama, Marquise of Jersey, and Lord Dash, Baron of... um, that nice cushy chair over there.

Everything was just peachy-keen until a dragon locked our princess away in a tower and set a curse on her that when she turned sixteen, she would prick her finger on a spindle and become a servant to the seven dwarves until she could fall in love with a beast. If she didn't, everyone in the kingdom would fall asleep until midnight, at which point she would become a little mermaid. So the handsome prince teamed up with all the cutesy little woodland creatures and talking mice and sarcastic household objects in order to storm the castle... and promptly got stuck in traffic. Meanwhile, the princess gave the dragon a poisoned apple and got the three good fairies to give her a carriage, which she used to drive herself back to the dorm in time for curfew. Meanwhile, the prince took a wrong turn on the woodland trail and got lost in the enchanted forest, which could possibly explain why I don't have a boyfriend.