Location: Northern California

Occupation: Law Student

Number of Posts: 32

Board Style: The Incredibles

Interests: Animation, The Incredibles, Back to the Future, Drawn Together, baseball, swimming, drawing, writing, etc. etc.


Tonyloaf spends her days under the guise of a mild mannered law student residing in Northern California's beautiful Sacramento Valley. She wastes the majority of her mild-mannered time surrounded by professors, thick leather bound books, and lots of rich mahogany. And did I mention that she is very mild mannered? However, at night, Tonyloaf dons a mask and cape and fights crime boldly moderates the forums here at Pixar Planet, with the help of her fellow Brain Trust buddies.

From a very young age, Tonyloaf has been obsessed with cartooning and animation, and she dreamed of a becoming a cartoonist herself one day. She has always adored all things Pixar & Disney, but it wasn't until she saw The Incredibles (which combines two of her favorite things, animation and superheroes, plus a great story) on opening night that she became a die-hard Pixar fanatic. She has an enormous Incredibles collection and has even dedicated an entire bathroom theme to her favorite movie (affectionately named 'The Incredi-bath') as the ultimate gesture of her love and devotion.

Aside from animation and Pixar, Tonyloaf enjoys sports, hanging out and goofing off with her good friends, and getting jiggy to her favorite music (Fallout Boy, Bowling For Soup, and Matchbox 20 are high on her playlist). She roots for the SF Giants, loves her Airedale Terrier Homer more than anything, and has a professionally diagnosed internet addiction. She’s a huge fan of the Back to the Future triology and pretty much anything involving Mike Myers. She also enjoys candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach.

Tonyloaf would like to thank her fellow Brain Trust pals for working so hard on this wonderful site - all of them are the some of the nicest and most talented people in the world and she's glad she had the benefit of becoming their friends. She's also looking forward to meeting new Pixar/Disney fanatics on the boards and chatting it up, so don’t be afraid to drop her a line!