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Greetings all!

My name is Brandon and I'm the first and current owner and financier of Pixar Planet. I'm also one of the hosts of Radio Pixar bringing you all the gossip from our boards and the latest news straight from Emeryville.

I hail from Cape Coral, FL, but am currently a 23 year old student at the Florida State University in Tallahassee. I'm majoring in Meteorology and Information Technology with minors in Math and Political Science but in my spare time I'm an internet junky and ravenous politician.

Pixar has been my passion ever since the first time I watched The Incredibles on December 5, 2004, driving me so far as to get my current job (at Walt Disney World) and build an unprecedented collection of Incredibles merchandise, affectionately dubbed "The Incredi-shrine".

I'm looking forward to meeting you all in the forums and hope this site becomes the best place on the net for all things Pixar.

See you on the boards!

Brandon Neeld

P.S. I want to give a big shout out to my best friends in the world and other members of The Brain Trust. Without you guys (especially Mell and Thomas) none of this would be possible. You guys are amazing! =D